Tell someone you love them with worms!

Ok, so you have bought all the socks, ties and nerdy underwear, or are you completely stumped for that little something romantic for your lady. Why not gift them a worm farm, or a garden face-lift, using premier Eco Worm Farm Vermiliquid and Vermicompost? Eco Worm Farms will be sure to treat your loved one with a special delivery in the Cape Town area, a card, seedlings, plants, worm farms, garden tools and any combination of the above. Let us spoil you and your loved one with a REALLY unique gift!

Esther has done many large installations around South Africa including game reserves, hotels, schools and shopping centres not to mention the many, many happy family homes.

In the past, Esther would be stopped in a shopping mall to discuss plant or garden related subjects but nowadays, Esther has a laugh as the questions are mainly about worms (by people obsessed by their worms – give each one a name but that is an impossible task! You see, compost worming gets very addictive, gardens grow, flowers bloom, and before you know it you have 101 compost worm and gardening questions.

Eco Worm Farms is now also in Cavendish Square, Cape Town

With every consultation for large-scale installations, which cost R800 (including a full written report), Eco Worm Farms will formulate a client-specific plan and projection for you and your project!

Esther operates from home where she maintains part of the large worm farm maintenance and breeding operation (the other part is in grounds of her daughters residence). Esther is always delighted to advise and pass on any information as it is our core value assist you, the client to become successful with your worms and/or garden project. We celebrate your success and offer the best after-sales support, as well as ongoing technical backup.

NB! Let us know how your garden and worms are doing, we love to hear how things are going in your worm farm or garden. Your pictures are also most welcome.

Eco Worm Farms works hard to make this website valuable, fun and educational. This, in turn has made many happy customers, worm admirers and superb gardeners! Read some of our many ‘thank you’ emails from our valued clients! We are renowned for our caring after-sales service and assistance.