Horticulture & Show Gardens

They say the proof is in the pudding – Worm Pudding!

St James Garden Installation – Done by Esther

Whatever your garden query or need, Esther is more than capable and willing to provide love and assistance to your project. “I am always a phone call or email away for any advice and assistance”. At Eco Worm Farms we pride ourselves on wonderful after-sales service. Esther loves her worms and wants all clients to enjoy the Eco Worm Farms experience. The system is a science on its own, suitable for young and old and becomes an addiction – this is one of the most fascinating aspects of Esther’s life. Many people think that this is a new science but in fact, it was started in 1833 by Charles Darwin – if he only knew of the developing world today!

Some Of Our Expertise Include:

Lawn Solutions

Your lawn should be the pride and joy of your garden! However, many Cape gardeners have to contend with wind, poor soil and lack of water. Having sound advice and practical implementation of water-wise practises can save your lawn – making it lush, green and beautiful.

Shade Gardens

Shady garden areas are often barren and neglected. Use shadow-loving plants to liven up and beautify those areas that lack sun.

English Gardens

Your garden could become a charming English country garden by choosing the right plants and placement. These gardens are also ideally suited to small garden spaces, as well as for those gardeners who have a tight budget.

Orchid Care

I have a particular love and affinity for orchids, and can certainly help you grow the prettiest orchids. You will be the envy of your neighbours.

Rejuvenating Gardens

New home, new hobby or simply desperate? Esther can help you spruce up your garden, and will have it looking loved and cared for in no time at all! Having a well-kept garden also increases the value of your home.

Water-wise Plants

Saving water is a must when gardening and by creating a water-wise garden you not only put money back in your pocket, you also help save South Africa’s precious water resources!

Atrium Construction

I have won numerous awards, and love the challenges of creating and maintaining indoor atriums. Atriums can add drama, serenity or a statement to any indoor area.

Follow Ups

Horticulture and garden care is my passion. We can monitor your garden and keep your plants in peak condition all year round. You get the benefit of a lovely garden, without all the hassles of keeping it in mint condition. It also gives you the pleasure of a wonderful garden and more “me” time.

Weed Control

While weeds can be a pain, it is crucial to explore non-poisonous alternatives and organic tips to minimise this problem.

Correct Fertilising of Shrubs, Fruit Trees and Lawns

We all know that plants need optimal nutrition and care to flourish… but which, and when? Esther will advise on how to best feed your plants, ensuring maximal fruiting and/or crops year in and year out.

Indigenous Gardens

One of the reasons why some gardens do not flourish, is simply because you have chosen the wrong plants, or that your plants do not match local conditions. Not only do indigenous gardens do better in the Cape, but are more water-friendly, and promote the use of hundreds of pretty local flowers, shrubs and trees.

Pruning Roses, Shrubs and Trees

One often buys a lovely rose bush or tree, only to have it grow straggly, or not flower well. One reason is that certain plants need annual pruning in order to assist the plant to yield optimally.

Water Features

A water feature has a calming effect in one’s garden, attracts birds and allows you to play with water plants and decorative objects. Water features can often liven up an ugly space too!

Potting of Plants

How often do you see sad, scraggly pot plants? Pot plants need minimal care if you go about caring for them the right way. By learning how to prepare your pot and plant at the outset, you ensure that your indoor and outdoor pot plants look fabulous.

Rectifying of Plant, Tree, Shrubs or Fruit Tree Diseases

Ok, so some of your plants are not doing too well…mmm. Before you toss them out or despair, call Esther as she can usually remedy under-performing ill plants, using her years of experience and passion for plants!

Vermiculture and Worms

Using compost worms to make your organic waste into premium plant food, is a MUST for a healthy garden. Esther, after many years and successes in horticulture, is now also offering advice on compost worms, installation of worm farms, and assist you in converting your green waste, into Vermicompost (worm compost) and Vermiliquid (liquid manure). By doing this, you are recycling your own greens back into your garden.

Special Garden, Plant or Worm Problems?

Experience is a great master, and with 35 years of horticultural and 6 years of compost worm experience, Esther is more than qualified to assist you!

In need of any of our services?